Time and attention are finite, precious resources. Invest them in what gives you joy.

  • Paraphrased from Tiago Forte, Pillars of Productivity

January 1st may well be the worst day to get back into blogging. It is well known that very few New Years Resolutions last for very long. So this is not a “Resolution”, just something I want to do more of.

With a full-time job, a wife, and a one-year-old son who is already able to run, my time and attention are limited. But I am convinced that taking the time to write down my thoughts is a worthwhile investment.

As a new year begins, I’ve taken some time to consider how I spend my time, how I would prefer to spend more of my time, and how those line up with my core values.

I’m still finalizing the exact phrasing, but my core value is essentially:

“invest in the long-term”

Writing plays into this long-term investment in several ways:

  • If I write something down for myself, it can help me get my thoughts in order and build toward new thoughts, saving time spent re-thinking the same thoughts over and over.
  • If I write something down and share it, I am able to “scale” myself by allowing many others to read at their convenience without requiring that we each be present at the same time for a conversation.
  • The more that I write, the better I’ll get at it. Better writing is better thinking, which will ultimately benefit my career and all my relationships.

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for your time and attention. I hope that my thoughts are helpful to you in some way, and that you will take some time to invest in others as well.